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Interturn short circuit measurement


METRAHIT IM XTRA is a multimeter & milliohmmeter, insulation tester, coil tester and data logger. Applications can be found in the field of service and diagnostics of electrical machines and systems, particularly in the automotive industry, electrical engineering and aerospace engineering. METRAHIT IM E-DRIVE has the same functions as IM XTRA, however, with its proprietary design and a scope of supply adapted to E-mobility applications.

Scope of supply of the METRAHIT IM XTRA and METRAHIT IM E-DRIVE application variants:

  • 1 METRAHIT IM XTRA or METRAHIT IM E-DRIVE multimeter, each with rubber holster in black-green or orange
  • 1 probe with start/stop and memory/transmit function
  • 1 cable set type KS17-2: 1 pair of safety test leads red/black with 4 mm probe tip each
  • 1 pair of Kelvin clamps type KC4 (METRAHIT IM XTRA only)
  • 1 Kelvin clamp and 1 Kelvin probe type KC&S (METRAHIT IM E-DRIVE only)
  • 1 quick change, rechargeable lithium polymer battery with micro USB charging socket
  • 1 USB plug-in power supply unit (5 V DC 2 A) with cable and micro USB charging plug
  • 1 DAkkS calibration certificate
  • 1 hard case to accommodate the multimeter with accessories in black-green or orange
  • 1 set of short-form operating instructions in German/English
    鈥 Detailed operating instructions in German and English available for download from our website www.gossenmetrawatt.com
  • 1 card with registration key for the software

The multimeter is a portable, extremely rugged multiple measuring instrument designed for field use. It is suitable for maintenance, service and diagnostics of electrical machines or drives and systems, e.g. in the automotive, avionics, energy or automation sectors.

The all-in-one device is an insulation tester, milliohmmeter, interturn short circuit tester and universal multimeter. It is ideal for safety testing and diagnostics of electric and hybrid vehicles and all types of electric machines.

In combination with an optional coil test adapter it allows for interturn short circuit measurements.

Interturn short circuit measurement with METRAHIT IM XTRA and COIL ADAPTER XTRA

In addition to the METRAHIT IM and the COIL ADAPTER XTRA, a set of test cables with crocodile clips is required to test the windings of a motor for possible short circuits.

1. The first step is to connect the COIL ADAPTER XTRA with the METRAHIT IM.

2. In the second step, the test cables are plugged into the COIL ADAPTER XTRA and connected with the DUT.
(We recommend the use of optional crocodile clips for establishing a connection to the windings of a motor).

3. After selecting the appropriate inductance range for the winding with the rocker switch at the COIL ADAPTER XTRA and setting the METRAHIT IM to RISO, the process can be started.

4. Select coil measurement via the "Func." softkey of the METRAHIT IM.

5. Use the "Start" softkey of the METRAHIT IM to start the measurements.

6. After the first measurement result has been displayed, turning the rotary switch at the COIL ADAPTER XTRA automatically launches all subsequent measurements and shows all measurement results in a bar graph on the display of the METRAHIT IM.

The display of the METRAHIT IM not only indicates the graphical representation of the measurements, but also the deviation between the largest and smallest measured value as a percentage value.

The measurements are now completed and can be used for fault diagnosis or documentation.

Article Description Article Number
Coil Adapter XTRA Multimeter Z270M
KSC-3L Cable Set Coil Adapter Z110C