Cyfrowy multimetr METRALINE DM62




TRMS Digital Multimeter with Analog Bar Graph and Temperature Measurement (new)

The auto-ranging multimeter for use in all fields of electrical engineering, e.g. electrical installation, study programs and training

The METRALINE DM62 offers all of the measuring functions of a comprehensive, medium-priced multimeter: convincing technology with voltage, resistance, current and temperature measuring ranges, as well as additional measuring functions plus automatic functions such as frequency and duty cycle measurement… [ more ]

   300V      Metraline DM 62 UL Listed   3 Years Warranty

The TRMS multimeter with outstanding price-performance ratio. Time-tested Gossen Metrawatt reliability and safety. Reliable measurement results in measuring categories CAT IV 300 V and CAT III 600 V with additional safety for the user and the instrument thanks to automatic blocking sockets (ABS).

The robust METRALINE DM62 digital multimeter offers a great variety of convincing performance features.

It’s equipped with state-of-the-art technology and it assures precision measurement results. The extremely compact and ergonomic design provides for maximized ease of use and safety.

Thanks to TRMS measurement and a broad range of functions, it’s universally suitable for demanding measuring tasks in a great variety of applications.

Product Highlights

  • TRMS measurement up to 2 kHz
  • Duty cycle measurement
  • Automatic blocking sockets (ABS)

Your Advantages

  • Universal use in all fields of electrical engineering!
  • TRMS measurement with digital display (6600 digits) and analog scale
  • Measurement of voltage and current, AC and DC, resistance, temperature, frequency, duty cycle, capacitance, continuity/diodes
  • Automatic measuring range selection and measured value storage
  • Safety for the user and the instrument in measuring categories CAT III up to 600 V and CAT IV up to 300 V.

Technical Features

  • Dual digital display with background illumination
  • Continuity and diode testing
  • Hold / peak / min.-max. / relative (zero)
  • Automatic/manual measuring range selection
  • Automatic blocking sockets (ABS)
  • Rubber holster for protection against shocks and impacts
  • UL Listed E498968
  • 3-year guarantee
Rozdzielczość / analogowy bargraf 4000 cyfr / – 6600 cyfr / 66 punktów 6600 cyfr / 66 punktów
Bazowa dokładność V DC 0,4% 0,4% 0,4%
Pomiar napięcia o paśmie (V AC)  –  – TRMS 2 kHz
Pomiar napięcia stałego i przemiennego (V AC, DC) 100 µV ..600 V 100 µV ..1000 V TRMS 100 µV ..1000 V
Pomiar prądu stałego i przemiennego (A AC, DC) 10 µA …10 A 10 µA …660 mA TRMS 10 µA …10 A
Pomiar prądu, z opcjonalnymi cęgami  – 10 mA… 660 A, Clip 1000:1  –
Pomiar rezystancji 100 mΩ …40 MΩ 100 mΩ …66 MΩ 100 mΩ …66 MΩ
Pomiar temperatury, z termoparą typu K -50…+1.300°C -50…+1.300°C -50…+1.300°C
Pomiar częstotliwości 0,001 Hz …500 kHz  – 0,01 Hz …10,00 MHz
Pomiar współczynnika wypełnienia 2 ..98,0% (1 kHz)  – 1 ..98,9% (1 kHz)
Pomiar pojemności 1 pF …200 μF  – 1 pF …40,00 mF


Numer artykułu: M197A
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